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The decision to sell, or not is not usually a simple one.  Occasionally it is simple.  You are transferred and need to be in Saskatoon next week, but that is not usually the case.

For most families it is a process.  Your family is growing and your starter home is getting too small, or you hate the kitchen layout, you don’t get along with the renters next door.  Should you do renovations to make it work, or should you sell?  

On the other end of the spectrum, your kids are all grown up and moved out to begin families of their own.  The house that you have called home for decades is just too big.  Is it a good time to sell, or should you wait a few years?  

These and countless other scenarios are just one of the things that I help my clients work through.  Sometimes the best counsel comes from someone with “no skin in the game”.   I see my role as one of giving you options.  I will ask you questions, listen to your answers and help you determine the solution that is best for you.  It may not be the right time to sell.  That’s ok with me.  It may not mean business for me, but it is an opportunity to begin to build a relationship.  If you are comfortable with my advice, then you are more likely to refer me to friends and family. 


The first thing we need to do is to find out what your home is worth in today’s market and determine how much equity you have.  Do the numbers work?  If you are selling and purchasing then we will get the mortgage pre-approval in place.  To determine market value I physically walk through all comparable homes.  You are welcome to join me if you choose.  I have found that just looking at numbers on a paper do not give you the information we need to price your home properly.  Things such as smoking, or pet damage do not show up on a highlight sheet.  The location, (does it back onto a busy road, or sit next to a rental complex) and the condition both have a significant effect on value.

What things (if any) do you need to do to get the most value out of your house.  Should you replace carpets?  Should you paint?  What things make sense and what things don’t?  I will give you a list of things that you have to do, and perhaps others that you might want to do to maximize the selling price.

Next, we determine the best time to bring your home on the market.  Is it in two days, or six months?
Once we list your home for sale a number of things happen.  We do too many things to mention them all, but here are a few.  We begin with measuring your home both inside and out.  Then we take pictures, order the sign and make a list of all of the features and benefits of your home.  We will also set up a search of similar homes to your own.  Any changes (new listings, price reductions, sale prices) will be emailed to you on a daily basis.  This is the best way to keep you informed of what is going on, and how you compare to the competition.  

We will send you the highlight sheet for your approval, and make any changes you would like to see.  Next we will begin advertising with both printed and internet based campaigns.  We use both facebook and google to maximize the exposure of your home.  You will get a weekly report showing the effectiveness of this advertising.

We also run advertised open houses.  All of these are in addition to networking with other Realtors.  
Once an offer comes in I will sit down with you and discuss each part of it.  We will go over each of the terms and conditions to determine what works and what doesn’t.  I will find out as much as I can about the potential buyer.  I will make my recommendations of what you should do with the offer.  Should you walk away?  Should you counter offer, or should you accept it as it is written?

Next is the pending time (usually 10 days).  This is the time the buyer needs to arrange the mortgage and the home inspection.  If the buyer finds problems that they want fixed you have three options.  You can say yes, or no, or make a counter proposal.  I will give you my opinion on what I think is reasonable and what is not.
Once they remove conditions our conveyancing department goes to work.  We make sure that all the right documents get to the right people at the right time.   

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