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A truly moving experience


Everybody’s journey to home ownership is different.  Some people have family support and assistance.  They are able to make the move right from the family home into a place of their own.  This is not the case for most of us.  

The most common route involves years of penny pinching, extra jobs, or extra shifts, eating in, and saving … lots of saving.   

Some people find that the foolishness of youth has caught up with them, and they have to try to repair damaged credit at the same time.

Some want a place they can call their own, but do not even know where to begin.

Wherever you are in the process, I can help.  I can assist you at whatever stage you are at.  I have worked with families for as long as five years.  To help them realize the dream of home ownership.  I have worked with new Canadians, people with no credit, and people who have declared bankruptcy.  If you want to own, then I want to help.  And the best thing is that it will cost you nothing.

I will help you build, or re-build your credit.  I will explain to you how credit scores work and how to improve yours. 

I can also show you how to increase your down payment dramatically.  Imagine getting all of the income tax that you pay this year in order to assist you with the down payment on a home of your own.  I can do that.


It has most likely been a long road to this place.  You are finally ready to buy.  My job, as a Realtor is to protect your interests.  I want to make sure that you don’t pay too much, or buy somebody else’s problem.  
The first thing we want to do, is to make you familiar with the housing market in general.  What options are available to you?  From single level apartment style, to a country home.  What is the right fit for you right now?  What area, what style and what features are important to you?  

Now comes the fun part.  Looking at houses.  This begins with driving by.  Do you like the street appeal?  The neighbourhood?  The location of the house within the neighbourhood?  Next, we will start looking through the houses that you choose, the homes that you think could be a fit.  During this part of the process I will ask you questions, based on what you have told me is important to you.  I want to help you determine if this house is a fit.  I don’t care what kind of house you buy, I just care that it fits you.

The next step is to negotiate the best price, and the terms that best fit you.  Negotiating the best price involves research.  What are sales of similar homes in the area, why are they selling, and what did they pay?  These are all play a part in helping us determine the best price to offer.  Too high and you leave money sitting on the table.  Too low, and you risk insulting the sellers, making it more difficult to reach a favorable conclusion.

Now it’s getting the final approval on your financing and having the home inspection done.  You do not want to buy somebody else’s problem.  We address issues that come up on the inspection one of three ways.  We can have the seller fix the problem, we can get a price reduction, or we can walk away.  This can, in effect, become a second round of negotiation.


Now I make sure that all the right documents get to the right people at the right time.  I make sure that all of the proper permits are in place.  In the meanwhile you get busy packing, finding or renting trucks and rounding up friends for the big move.  

The big day has arrived.  It has been a long road, but you are finally here.  I want to make sure that you get the keys when you should.  That the house is clean, and that everything is working.

The service doesn’t stop once you move in.  I will be checking back with you from time to time, just to see how everything is going.  I will give you tips on maintenance, and make recommendations of tradespersons that you can trust.  I want to prove the tagline that I use “building friendships one home at a time”

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